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A sneaky peak of a new set of drawings I’m currently working on for WHAT NOW.

We are a collective of up and coming young, fresh and fancy free artists.

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(Written by Lisa Birch…  http://lisa-janebirch.tumblr.c om/)

So in Decemeber,

Rossy, myself and Kate Webster have organised a pop up art exhibition.

The even will take place in Hillhead Bookclub, Buyers Road in Glasgow on Saturday 17th of December. Originally we wanted it to be an all day event but due to it being so close to xmas we could only secure the times off 11am - 4pm.

This is event is a wonderful opportunity for all involved. It gives all of the recent graduates a chance to showcase their work and it gives all of the customers a chance to buy affordable art close to xmas. We have a maximum price set at £80, which is pretty fair.

Everyone seems pretty excited about it. It’s so easy once you leave uni to fall away from making art and taking part in these kind of things. So we wanted to get everyone together and try to encourage everyone to keep it going. As well all know, jobs and money and other stresses can get in the way of being creative so we though a chilled out pop up fair amongst friends would be a nice idea, gives us all a chance to catch up.

Heres a wee link anywayssss

Really excited to be involved, get making and to see everyone again!

This work and 4 others from my Casting series is currently being exhibited in a group show at the new world-class and very fancy recording studio in Glasgow Gorbals Sound.
As an exhibiting artist I got to attend the launch party and oh my it was a swanky affair.
An old idea I’m trying to give some life back to, using embroidery as a method of drawing.

Hello, this is my new dedicated art blog, where I will be keeping track of things I’m up to art wise, images of stuff I’m working on, some news, some inspirartions etc.

Going to try and keep this updated fairly regularly, keeping motivated when you have no studio space to work in is DIFFICULT. However I am keeping positive and I’m feeling a real need to keep working.

You can visit my website to view a small selection of my work, I will also be keeping that updated and adding work as it happens.

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